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Avocado smoothie

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With warmer days comes the need to be more active in order to take advantage of the nice weather. We go to the pool, have a picnic and wish to spend as much time as possible surrounded by nature doing the things we planned to do throughout the winter.

In order to complete our daily obligations with ease and to enjoy our free time, we need some extra energy. That is why we have prepared these smoothie recipes for you, easy to prepare and always at hand when you need them. Of course, Prima Grissini on the side are a treat not-to-be-skipped and go perfectly with this drink.


frozen banana
1/2 cup of frozen or freshly chopped mango

1/2 middle-sized avocado
1 cup of spinach

Milk (almond, soy or regular)

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 cup of frozen blueberries
¼ cup of orange juice
Pomegranate seeds
peppermint leaves

How to make

Step 1

These recipes are very simple to prepare. All you need to do is put all ingredients in a blender and mix them. Of course, feel free to experiment and combine the fruits and ingredients to your taste.

Step 2
Pour the smoothie in a travel mug and pack Prima Grissini. You know what to do when you take a break.

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