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Holidays are over and you are still not ready to go back to work? We understand you completely! While the kids are still on winter break, take the opportunity to organize a family vacation and relaxation. January is ideal for enjoying the magical landscapes of our snow-capped mountains and engaging in winter sports. For this reason, we are taking you on a tour of ski resorts in Serbia! Sit back comfortably, open a bag of your favourite Prima sticks and get ready to choose your next winter destination!


We will start with the biggest domestic ski centre. Kopaonik ski centre is comprised of more than 64 km of slopes, with something to suite everyone’s need – whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier. For the youngest, there are ski kindergartens, lighted trails for night skiing and a lot more interesting content. If you haven’t tried it yet, while at Kopaonik you can try Bob sled on rails or zip-line.


Tornik ski centre is just 9 km away from Zlatibor tourist centre. This mountain is a mountain tourist centre with the longest tradition is Serbia, and the number of visitors is high at any time of the year. Total capacity of Zlatibor ski centre is 5400 skiers per hour, and there are 4 slopes covered by an artificial snow system.

Stara planina

If you prefer tourist locations that are quieter, then Stara planina is the right choice for you. This gem of natural beauty doesn’t have particularly developed contents for tourists, but the fascinating landscape beauty and natural diversity are more than enough to make up for that. Babin zub ski centre on Stara planina has three slopes and ski kindergarten for youngsters, while Jabučko ravnište is a home to the first gondola in Serbia and has slopes for skiers of all categories. 


The alpine nature and high mountain ambience of this location are very reminiscent of European tourist centres. On the highest parts of the mountain, snow can be found for up to 280 days per year! Brezovica ski centre is comprised of 9 lifts and 9 slopes for skiers of all categories, with the longest being 3.5 km long

And after skiing…

When you get tired of winter sports, it is time to take a break and refresh! Being outside will make you enjoy a hot drink even more. For your snack, we recommend hot chocolate and Prima Classic sticks, and here is our recipe!


  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Black or milk chocolate
  • Milk
  • Vanilla extract to taste

How to make

The amount of ingredients varies based on your taste, so if you like your hot chocolate to be sweeter, add more sugar, and if you like your hot chocolate to be stronger, add more cocoa. The preparation process doesn’t get any easier: mix all the ingredients in a bowl at a medium temperature until the chocolate melts. You can serve it with whipped cream on top and Prima Classic sticks on the side. Your perfect snack will be ready in no time!