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Summer excursion with Prima and music

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We believe that everyone is looking forward to August! August is a month when most of the people are on vacation, summer break is still ongoing and parents and children have more free time to spend together playing. August is also famous as a month of summer events and manifestations organized in different cities. It is important to teach good values to children and to have them experience the moments they will remember and talk about their whole lives. After all, each new experience brings forth new discoveries and memories even for to the older members. Family moments are precious and that is why we suggest taking and devoting a whole day to family activities. If you are not able to take a long trip, organize an excursion in your city within your budget or to one of the cities in Serbia. Make it an excursion full of interesting content and activities. Before taking off make lunch for the whole family. Tasty food and carefree conversations will call for a répété and that is why we bring you this interesting recipe for lasagne to top your menu. Of course, that is not all. This text is full of suggestions for music concerts and festivals happening in August. Living with ease incorporates a lot of flavoury foods with Prima sticks and a lot of music for all the senses. You know the one – ‘Simplicity is the ultimate beauty of life’.

Bechamel sauce


4 spoons of butter

6 spoons of flour

4 cups of warm milk



How to make

Firstly, prepare the Bechamel sauce. Use low heat to melt the butter and then add the flour. Once melted, combine butter and flour, then gradually add milk and gently stir. Mix the sauce until the texture gets denser. Add salt and pepper and other spices to taste. We suggest using parmesan in order to improve the texture and taste of the sauce.

Bolognese sauce

How to make

Using medium heat sauté the onions in a pan. Once the onions are tender, add the meat of your choice and fry it until browned. This is your cue to add tomato sauce or previously chopped fresh tomatoes. Add salt and pepper and other spices to taste. Leave it to sauté for 5-6 minutes. When this part is done, pour the Bechamel sauce on top and combine the ingredients.

Put the Bolognese sauce in the dish first, then top it with Prima sticks crumbles, mozzarella and lasagne. Repeat this process until all of the ingredients are gone. Preheat the oven to 200°C and put the dish in it. Grate the cheese on top. Et voilà! Read about our music event suggestions that you will be able to visit this year.

Nišville Jazz Festival

Traditionally, every year in August there is a festival of jazz music organised in Niš. This festival is known for hosting local musicians, but the interesting thing about it is that world renewed stars are always happy to come to Serbia and perform. Lesser-known fact is that this festival is known for literary events, theatre plays and various workshops for children interested in music. Workshops include lectures and improvisation classes for musical instruments used in jazz – guitar, wind instruments, drums, etc. Niš Fortress is a home to a Jazz museum. This festival is organised from August 6 to August 15.

Beer Garden and Beerfest

We believe most of you are familiar with Beer Fest, but are you familiar with Beer Garden too? Beer Garden is a small music festival, organised at Ada Ciganlija since 2015. This festival hosts famous Serbian rock, pop and mainstream musicians.

Darko Rundek in Botanical Garden

In case you are a fan of smaller events, we then recommend Darko Rundek’s concert in Botanical Garden on August 23 & 24. Botanical Garden is a wonderful place, perfect for relaxation with your family while you enjoy music and nature.

Šabac Summer Festival

Held inside the Stari grad Fortress at the beginning of August and lasting for 5 days it is focused on film, theatre, arts and music. One of the goals of this festival is to support young and anonymous musicians who otherwise have no place on today's music scene.