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10 movies and series that we will enjoy snuggling up to

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Oh, winter! As much as we may love the joys of snow and the white blanket covering the street, sometimes we need to enjoy the landscape from the inside alone. Immersed in the couch, remote control in hand, with your favorite Prima sticks. And that's absolutely fine! There is no reason for a guilty conscience, because everyone needs a break, especially after a busy December.

If you've already checked out all of our binge-worthy series, recommendations, here are the latest hits on streaming services (and some hidden gems)!

1. Wednesday

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the new adventures of this quirky young lady from the Addams Family. The main roles are played by teenagers, but the series will be interesting for you no matter your age!

2. Batman

The latest Batman with Robert Pattinson is available on the streaming service HBO Max, and considering that the movie is almost 3 hours long, watching it at home seems like a smart choice!

3. 1899

This German series has a 7.5 rating on IMDB, and is a perfect choice for those who like a touch of mystery and horror fiction on cold winter nights.

4. Emily in Paris

Although full of clichés, this series that follows the adventures of a young American woman in Paris is a good choice to watch without having to put much thought into it, and the third season has been only recently released!

5. That ’90s Show

Fans of the cult series That '70s Show will be delighted to hear about a new version of the series, in which Eric and Donna’s rebellious daughter comes to spend the summer with her grandparents (in the basement we all know, of course).

6. The Pale Blue Eye

The latest original movie from the Netflix streaming service features this mysterious detective thriller starring the always-brilliant Christian Bale.

7. Too Hot to Handle

The new, fourth season of this popular reality show brings the well-known scene full of handsome people on beautiful beaches, in tiny bathing suits.

8. The Last of Us

The excellent post-apocalyptic video game The Last of Us has just received its HBO Max adaptation, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

9. Ginny & Georgia

In the new season, we find out what happened after the tense first season finale about the dynamic relationship between a mother and her daughter!

10.  Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Daniel Craig and Edward Norton lead this excellent acting ensemble of the sequel to the hit Knives Out, which is reason enough to watch this movie!

Now that you know what's new in the world of movies and series, it's time to open a package of your favorite Prima sticks and let yourself be entertained in front of the small screen!