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5 ideas for the best summer party

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Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or not, with this blog, you are about to become one, summer is the ideal opportunity to try a new activity. As the holiday season begins, we embark on a quest for new adventures. Here are our ideas for an unforgettable summer party!

Aqua ski

Let us start by saying that you do not need to know how to ski to be able to enjoy this sport. Start with two skis and, if you are a beginner, focus on maintaining your balance. The beauty of this sport is that, even if you lose your balance and fall into the water, the fun will not stop. In addition, you will cool down while doing it!


Beautiful nature, pristine river and incredible recreation for the whole team — rafting is a great experience that will be remembered for a long time. With good equipment and experienced instructors, rafting is a sport that everyone can do, even if they cannot swim!

Adrenaline park

Adrenaline parks are fun and recreational no matter of your age. There are several adrenaline parks in Serbia, and each one has unique polygons for climbing, jumping and conquering. If you loved climbing frames as a kid, you will undoubtedly enjoy them if you decide to visit the adrenaline park.

Zip line

Once used as a fast means of transportation, today, zip lines are a recreational activity for almost all ages. The zip line will bring you closer to the feeling of flying and give you a wonderful view of the surroundings, from a realistic bird's eye view.


We end the list with a suggestion for the bravest: paragliding! This aviation sport has become increasingly popular in recent years, and you can try it out as an amateur as well. Fly in tandem with an instructor and experience the wind, the sky and a unique sense of freedom.

Whichever activity you decide on, we are sure you will have a great time and create unique memories. Luck favors the brave, and fun the spontaneous ones!