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April Fools, because everyone needs laughter

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Is there anything more beautiful in this world than laughing with your friends until your stomach hurts and your facial muscles start to wear off? We responsibly assert that there is not! That's why April 1 is one of the most important dates of the year. By chance or fate, people have the privilege of laughing — all people, from the Aborigines, to the ancient Greeks, to the generations that will inherit us. Speaking of Ancient Greece, the cradle of theatre and theatrical comedy, it is no coincidence that an expert in antiquity called her book on ancient Greek comedy “The Laughing Animal.” 

Laughter is, in a way, the cherry on top of the whipped cream of life, isn't it? A good comedy with Prima's favourite salted sticks can brighten up not only our day, but our whole week. Since humour and laughter are very important for all of us, we’re going to list some fascinating but also silly facts about them:

• In addition to supporting mental health, laughter is also a physical exercise because we burn much more calories than usual when we laugh.

• Laughter is contagious, and this has been scientifically proven.

• Anthropological research has shown that the only facial expression that is the same in all societies, tribes and cultures is a smile.

• Adults laugh 17 times a day, on average. Unlike adults, children laugh up to 300 times! Tiny difference, isn't it?

• Laughter is literally used as therapy. In psychotherapy (but also in certain types of yoga) there is something called laughter therapy.

• In 1962, there was a small laughter epidemic in Tanzania, occurring, for unknown reasons, in a high school and spreading to several thousand people living around the school.

• The longest continuous laugh, according to Guinness World Records, lasted three hours and six minutes.

And you, do you laugh on average 17 times a day or more? Less? What makes you laugh the most? What's the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Share the answers with your friends and family and let's brighten this magical day for each other!