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Cleaning up the world together

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Clean Up The World is a global campaign aiming to contribute to the environmental protection. The initial idea was to encourage people to connect voluntarily in order to start cleaning their environment. Green areas, rivers, buildings’ parks or simply, easy things – clean your apartment or front yard of unnecessary clutter are a good place to begin. There are a lot of roads you can take from there, but the main motif is creating cleaner environment and accelerating the process of our social responsibility. Organisations, companies and social movements are the force behind different activities that you can join or why not – you can initiate a change by gathering the people in your community. Regardless of this one day of the year, there are many ways to contribute to the preservation of environment so here are our useful suggestions:

  • Change your regular lightbulbs, with energy saving ones.
  • Recycle newspaper, plastic and glass bottles.
  • Use both sides of the paper before throwing it away.
  • Whenever you’re in a position to do so – walk or use a bicycle. Not only that this is environmentally friendly solution, it has many benefits on the quality of your life and health in general.
  • When you are not using it, turn off the light.
  • Stop using plastic bags. Instead, use a tote bag or a basket.

These suggestions are not only easy to apply, they are beneficial for the environmental protection. You know the one – 21 straight days should be enough for something to become a habit, but we know one more – a Japanese method stating that if you wish to change a habit it is enough to do it every day, for one minute. So start slowly, a couple of small steps introduced to your daily routine finding their way to your day-to-day activities. It is important that we as individuals contribute to environmental protection, because the number of environmental problems is on the rise, and only united we can make this world a better place. In the spirit of environmental protection and today’s topic, we challenge you to prepare a recipe using just the food from your fridge. That can be a salad, savoury pancakes, mac & cheese, pizza. Be creative and we are sure that you will make a great dish using just leftovers and snacking on your favourite Prima sticks! Let’s be responsible!