Living with ease

For all of us who aren't in love with Valentine's Day

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Are you one of those people who would rather just skip this loving, romantic holiday for two? You are not alone! Here are some tips on how to spend the 14th of February as beautifully as possible, without the red roses and love letters.

Invite all your friends, who are in the same state of mind, and binge out with a Star Wars marathon, perhaps Tarantino’s opus, or something else, equally unromantic. Although the choices are endless, there is always a chance that a love story will creep in and, for those of us who are not in love, that is, well, let's just say undesirable. That is why we have tried to find at least a few great movies without a love story: The Martian, Death Proof, Gravity, Ocean's 8, Jurassic Park, Arrival...

Treat yourself to the most exotic food delivery, let’s say, straight from the Far East. This suggestion goes well with the previous one. Let the 14th of February be your day for gourmet experimentation. Whether it's food from the southern hemisphere, the Far East, a fish specialty, an introduction to vegan culinary bravura, chocolate wonders, or something totally new, feel free to indulge in novelties, perhaps you'll discover a new favorite delicacy.

Mountain climbing! Take a walk to a nearby, and not too demanding, hill and, literally, escape from the city where, on this day, those annoying lovey-dovey couples are a dime a dozen. There is nothing better than fresh air and time spent enjoying nature. Perhaps something like this is even more of a necessity during the winter months, when we are condemned to spend most of our time between four walls. Dress well and get ready for a dopamine rush, one of the pleasure and happiness hormones, which inevitably follows this physical activity.

Finally, commit to that book that's been sitting on your shelf for months (let's face it, we all have that book). Reading, which is a special kind of pleasure for the mind and soul, requires seclusion, which is ideal in this case. Of course, you will need to force yourself at first, especially if you haven’t picked up a book in a while. Put your cell phone aside, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and curl up in your favorite corner, even if you only get to page 5 on the first day, stick with it cause it gets easier and much more enjoyable. We promise.