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Going back to school with Prima

Happy going back to school day to all scholars! Some children are just this year starting the first grade, some can’t wait to see their friends again and of course, some like summer break more than they like school. For some parents, this period can be stressful, having in mind the fact that some schools have online classes and they are trying hard to be there and make the transition easier for their children. If your children go to school and you are worried what will they eat when it’s snack time, we suggest that you always prepare the snack one day in advance. This way, you won’t have to think about what to prepare at the last minute and the food will always be ready and waiting for them in the fridge. We advise using separate food containers meant for children’s snacks, thus not having to worry about which one you should use for the snack of the day. We have prepared a couple of recipes, to give you some ideas:

Grilled sandwich

All you need for this recipe are bread, ham and cheese. Put your sandwich in toaster and wait until the cheese is finely melted. Then, cut the sandwich into triangles and place the pieces into a food container. It is good to have food containers with dividers for things like this, so your ingredients can remain separate. Use one part of the container to put the triangle shaped sandwiches, use the other part for some fruits or veggies and use the third part, as a surprise – put inside some Prima sticks!


Hummus has a lot of nutritional benefits; it is healthy and the best thing is it can be made with ease. All you need are some chickpeas, salt and olive oil. Put all the ingredients in blender, and mix until a dip is formed. Once you are done, pack the hummus in a food container together with some Prima sticks.

Grilled chicken with vegetables

Chop the chicken into small pieces. Put olive oil into a grill pan and grill the meat. Once done, place the chicken, together with vegetables of your choice into a food container. Make sure to pick seasonal vegetables, because they are the healthiest and always fresh. Add a bag of Prima sticks, so your kids and their friends can enjoy their favourite snack together.

We hope this blog post was useful and that you got a few ideas about what makes a good school snack. Let us know how it goes!