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Hot drinks that warm us up on cold days

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Nothing beats a good movie, your favorite snack sticks and a warm cup of your favorite beverage on a cold winter day. We often go for the traditional choice, tea or cocoa, so we thought about introducing something new, or presenting some classics in a new, more interesting way.

Sherbet (caramel sauce)

Do you want to relive the melancholy and warmth of the childhood spent with your grandmother? If so, then this is the drink for you. Our grandmothers often prepared this so-called salve for us when we had a cold, more precisely when we had a sore and itchy throat. Some used caramel, and some used caramelized sugar, with milk. The correct recipe is the one your grandmother used to make you feel better, whatever it may be.

Mint tea with chocolate

If you want to try a specialty that is famous in England, and to instantly feel the taste and smell of the everyday life of these famous islanders, then definitely treat yourself to mint tea with chocolate. This drink is known as a natural balm for a bad mood and those slightly more depressing days.

Spicy chocolate drink

If you like spicy and sweet, this is the ideal beverage for you. In case you only like sweet, this will get you hooked to spice, and vice versa, because chocolate unites worlds and destroys sensory boundaries. It is an imaginative mix of chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, red wine, chili and cloves. Yes, you read that right, cloves.

A Chilean drink for dreamers

It is a warm, frothy drink that contains milk, sugar, vanilla sugar, and egg yolks. It is most often drunk as an uplifting accompaniment to a good mood, to falling in love or during artistic creation. People often agree that this Chilean winter wonderland reminds them of the Milky Way and the endless starry sky.

Ginger tea

For lovers of slightly sharper scents, those who want a stronger immune system and headache-free days. For a complete experience, it is necessary to add squeezed lemon and brown sugar, which will sweeten the tea but stay in the background of those other sharp flavors.

Coffee with banana liqueur

Yes, the name says it all. However, the amount of liquor depends on your current mood and exactly what kind of pleasure you want to get from a hot coffee drink. We do not recommend drinking it before or at work, but for a relaxing evening at home, this sweet coffee drink is ideal. Brighten up your gloomy winter days.