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Packing for summer vacation with Prima

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We've all found ourselves sitting on a suitcase, hoping to magically close it and defy the laws of physics. Preparing for a vacation often leads to traditional family arguments, with each member believing the other's belongings are completely unnecessary. However, there's no need to fight over mismatched t-shirts or challenge the laws of physics. Packing can still be a pleasant experience, or at the very least, not spoil our excitement before the trip.

We have a few tips that will help you stay organized, bring what you need, and avoid packing unnecessary items just because you think you might need them for unforeseen situations.

Align the number of outfits with the number of days

Try to plan for each day, even if it's not a detailed analysis or a PowerPoint presentation. Simply have an idea of the activities you'd like to engage in during each day of your vacation. Pack outfits accordingly based on your plan. Additionally, check the weather forecast to adjust your clothing choices to the weather conditions you'll be facing. This will save you time spent packing aimlessly and the hassle of deciding what to wear during your vacation.

Opt for a versatile color palette

Select a neutral color palette, such as black, white, or gray, and add a few statement pieces to add variety. This way, you can create different combinations with fewer items of clothing, making them more versatile. Of course, your color choices can also depend on your personal preferences, but this trick will undoubtedly be helpful.

Try the rolling technique

While stacking clothes on top of each other is a common practice in closets, experienced travelers would argue that it's not the best technique for packing a suitcase. Rolling your clothes and placing them next to each other will save you a significant amount of space. Fold the clothes in half and roll them from the bottom to the top lengthwise. Place the clothes in the suitcase first, followed by shoes, cosmetics, and other items.

Bring only necessary devices

The need to carry different devices depends on your accommodation arrangements. Only bring a hairdryer if you're staying in private accommodation. If you're staying in a hotel or a friend's house, chances are a hairdryer will be provided. It's also best to skip bringing an iron since it takes up valuable space in your suitcase, and vacation time isn't typically spent ironing clothes. Don't forget to pack chargers for all the devices you decide to bring, and make sure they are well-wrapped to prevent any tangling.

We hope these tips help you travel without stress and avoid unnecessary items in your suitcase. Make some room for Prima Classic and enjoy your trip!