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Prima as a companion to a weekend without a phone

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In the era of digitalization, the saying "Put your finger in the ocean and you are connected to the whole world" has been replaced by "Put your finger on the screen and you are connected to the whole world." Whether we start our day by turning off the alarm or end it by reading the news, it's certain that our mobile phones serve their purpose. But can we allow ourselves a few days without this scenario? Of course we can! It may be a bit challenging, but we're sure it will contribute to calming our minds, reducing stress, and giving us quality time to dedicate to ourselves and our loved ones.

We have prepared several suggestions on how to make the most of this phone-free weekend:

  • Explore nature - take advantage of the phone-free weekend to connect with nature. You can take a walk in the forest, go hiking, or simply go out on the terrace and enjoy the view.
  • Play board games - organize a dinner with friends, take a chance, and show off your skills. A little competition will keep you busy and add some dynamism to your day.
  • Read a book - there's bound to be a book you've been wanting to read, so it's time to replace scrolling with page-turning.
  • Exercise - you can try yoga, aerobics, or simply go outside for a run.
  • Try a new hobby - if you've always wanted to learn something new but didn't have time for it, maybe a phone-free weekend is the perfect time to introduce some hobbies into your everyday life.
  • Visit a local attraction - you can be a tourist in your own town and visit a museum, gallery, or historical site.

During breaks from these activities, you may feel the need to look at your phone, but resisting that temptation will bring you a completely new feeling on Monday. When you realize that occasionally disconnecting from your phone is not disconnecting from the world but quite the opposite, we're sure that this will become a habit that you'll always happily return to. Whatever activity you choose, one thing is certain - Prima Classic will always be the perfect companion.