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Unique Valentine’s Day ideas

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Aren’t you bored of celebrating Valentine’s Day at a restaurant on a dinner date? We’ll admit, it feels nice to get glammed up, go out with your partner and enjoy a good meal prepared by professional chefs, but isn’t it something that you usually do with your loved one? That is why Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to try something different!

After all, who says that there is only one way that this beautiful holiday can be celebrated! Today we bring you suggestions for new, interesting activities that will wake up the butterflies in your stomach.

Playlist: The best memories

Spice up your home celebration by creating a playlist just for this occasion! Play a game with your partner – he should make a list of all “your” songs and you should do it too. While you are still at work, play the playlist as a teaser. Once you get home, reminisce about your moments together through music, dancing it out.

Time to go ice skating

How long since the last time you used the ice skates? Whether this sport is something you are good at, or something you have never tried, skating is an exceptionally fun winter activity, perfect for experiencing with your loved one or with your friends and, suffice to say tailor made for Valentine’s Day! Once you get accustomed to the ice, a glass of mulled wine combined with Prima sticks will make you feel all the feels. 

Let the heart sing

In case your celebration of choice is to gather a bigger group of friends, we suggest – karaoke night! When it comes to karaoke, a huge reminder: your singing abilities are not what’s important, so forget about your nerves and immerse yourself into the party. All of these activities require food, so plan the menu on time! Here is a fantastic finger food recipe, ideal for both home and outside celebrations.


  • Ice cream cones
  • Prosciutto
  • Cheese (your pick)
  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • Fruits (your pick)
  • Prima Classic

How to make

Making this recipe is so easy, that you will fall in love with it even if you are not a regular cook. For starters, cut the cheese into sticks, and form the prosciutto rolls. Put the cones into glasses of your choice. Use the wine ones if you are aiming for a romantic atmosphere, but if the tone of your gathering is more casual, use the standard shaped glasses.

The next step is to layer the cones. Add a couple of Prima sticks into each cone, and then layer the rest of the ingredients. Play with the arrangement and feel free to use different ingredients and taste combinations for each one. That’s all! Enjoy your favorite flavors and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day from Prima!