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Why you should (not) make New Year's resolutions

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Have you ever made a list of your New Year's resolutions? For many, the New Year is the ideal moment to think back to all they have achieved, to tally up their impressions of the past year, and to put down on paper their plans for the following year. Although this way of planning has become a tradition for many, New Year's resolutions can also have another, less beautiful side. 

What if as you look back on your last year’s list you come to realize that none of them have come true? Undoubtedly, instead of feelings of joy you will come to feel disappointment that may even spill over into the next year. To avoid this unpleasant trap of unrealized New Year's resolutions, it is much better to make a list of goals instead. 

What exactly is the difference? 

We often see the traditional list as a wish list, and the wishes are rarely accompanied by a specific action plan. If, on the other hand, you decide on a list of goals, there is a greater chance that you will achieve all the items on that list. 

Here is how you can make sure that actually happens. 

1. Define what you want carefully. Your goals should be specific, achievable, and measurable. This means that you will not write "I will exercise more" as a goal, but you will write "I will exercise three times a week — Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after work." In this way, you have already defined when you will work towards your goal and you can measure how well you are actually sticking to that plan. 

2. Follow your progress. Designate a day of the month when you will look back on your goals, summarize what you have done and what lies ahead. It is also perfectly fine to adjust your priority list, as you go. Don't push yourself to do something you're not 100% passionate about. 

3. Seek support. If you have decided to do sports, but sometimes you lack the motivation, try group training! If you have planned to graduate this year, try to prepare for the last exam together with your peers. Everything is easier with the support of people from the environment. However, if you feel that some of the people around you are holding you back from accomplishing the things that are important to you, don't hesitate to put yourself first.

Start of easy with some preparation for New Year’s night, make your list of goals and start enjoying the holidays!