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World Friendship Day: Activities for Quality Time with your Loved Ones

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Is there a better period to relax and spend time with your friends than during the summer days? It's no coincidence that World Friendship Day falls on July 30th! This day reminds us of the importance of our "chosen family" and is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with our dearest ones. It's a chance to turn a gathering into an unforgettable experience filled with various activities! Read on to find out the best ideas to turn World Friendship Day into a tradition you will celebrate for years to come!

Picnic in Nature

Casual outdoor gatherings with delicious food and refreshing beverages are always a fantastic idea! To create the perfect picnic, it's important to find a suitable spot in nature. As it's summertime, be sure to find a shaded area and plan the picnic for the late afternoon. For an unforgettable experience, all you need is a great company of friends and, of course, scrumptious food and beverages. Alongside the refreshing drinks, prepare a delectable assortment of sweet and savory treats. Prima will fit in perfectly!

Creative Evening

Art enthusiasts and those eager for artistic expression will be delighted by creative activities. Get ready with painting supplies or clay and let your imagination run wild! You can try painting, jewelry making, decorating ceramics, or creating collages. Enjoy the evening with a glass of wine and a few savory snacks, turning the evening with loved ones into a truly artistic experience. Additionally, the creations you make will serve as everlasting reminders of your beloved company and an unforgettable evening!

Board Game Night

For those who prefer classic gatherings and larger groups of people, a board game night will be the perfect choice. Prepare your favorite games or get inspired by options available online, get your favorite Prima snack, and let the competition begin!

Quiz Time

Is there a more enjoyable way to have fun than hosting your own quiz? Plan ahead and create quizzes on a range of topics: general knowledge, areas of interest, wildest shared experiences, or even a quiz exploring each other's personalities. No matter what you decide, one thing is guaranteed — you'll have an amazing time stretching well into the night!

Enjoy your World Friendship Day with these exciting activities and create memories that will last a lifetime!