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World Poetry Day: let's read and enjoy!

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There are many readers, but very few good poetry recommendations. That's why Prima is here to introduce you to contemporary regional poetry, which is like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. The occasion is, of course, March 21, World Poetry Day. 

Reading poetry broadens your horizons, brightens your mood and enriches your inner self. That's why you should cultivate this habit, and if the habit doesn't exist, don't worry, ever(!) it's never too late to acquire it. Relevant critics say that regional poetry is currently far more powerful than prose and that we have much more talent in the poetry section than in the prose section. That's why we decided on this topic. Here are our reading recommendations:

A Guide through Fires, Ognjenka Lakićević. Many will agree that Ognjenka is the most influential among contemporary poets. Her collection, as she herself describes it, represents life as a devastated and burnt landscape. Through her poetry, she teaches us how to navigate in such an environment so that we can at least hope to find a way out. It is a small, personal rebellion against the hell we are all creating, together", says Ognjenka.

Travelogues, Katarina Fiamengo Alispahić. This collection is first of all a winning collection (VI Presing's competition for the best collection of poems), and for good reason. Katarina Fiamengo's poems represent a passage through time, "from childhood through love and history, towards maturity, interspersed with postcards. Those trips - regardless of whether they truly happened or were just imagined - are both a medicine and a source of nostalgia."

Handbook of Waiting, Ivan Ergić. There is no mentioning Ivan Ergić’s poetry without first mentioning that its author is a combination of the incompatible — a former international professional soccer player who considers himself a better poet than an athlete, an assertion he has successfully proven. "This collection is a roller coaster of emotions. It moves from a boy in exile, through a young man and a soccer player who is looking for his place in the universe and fights against a storm of feelings and dark thoughts, to a writer in the present who understands where the world is at and his part within it."

We hope you enjoy and enrich your world with new-age poetry that is eagerly waiting to be discovered!