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Autumn watch list: documentaries that will make you think

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You have snuggled in, turned on the computer or TV, but can't decide on what to watch tonight? If you have grown bored of the series and you are not in the mood for a two-hour movie, we have just the alternative for you! If you decide on a documentary, in addition to having fun you are also guaranteed to learn something new. 

In addition to presenting educational content, documentaries encourage the development of empathy and open new perspectives of the world around us. Whether you are interested in society, nature, or culture, you will find suggestions that will make you have fun and foster your imagination on the Prima list. 

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

This is not just a story about hiking — this is a story about overcoming your limits.  Nimsdai Purja, a mountaineer from Nepal, decided to try the unthinkable: to climb 14 mountain peaks whose height exceeds 8,000 meters, and that in just 7 months. The previous mountaineer who managed to climb all 14 peaks did so over a period of 7 years!

What Happened, Miss Simone? 

The legendary Nina Simone used her music to empower human rights movements. Through this biographical documentary, you will get to know the background of Nina's music, as well as Nina herself. The fight for human rights and music were the two pillars on which Miss Simon's life and personality were built. 

Polar Bear

The star of this documentary is a female polar bear whose upbringing was significantly different from that of her cub. What was once ice to walk on is now a sea to swim across. Through the touching story of the mother bear, you will learn how this animal species copes with the consequences of climate change. 


How difficult is it to protect your privacy when you are a global star? How much room for error do you have when the whole world is watching? In this intimate documentary, the legendary Jennifer Lopez talks openly about the fears, challenges, and pressures she faces every day. 

Not so Pretty

This documentary mini-series will give you new insight into the underbelly of the cosmetics industry. By exposing the consequences that can be caused by certain ingredients found in beauty products, Not so Pretty aims to raise public awareness of the hidden chemicals that are part of our beauty routine.