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Prima book club: books for the beach and relaxation

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The sounds of the sea, a cold drink in your hand, a sun umbrella and a book — if you ask us, this is all you need for a relaxing afternoon! We are impatiently waiting for the beach to replace the city crowds, and we are counting down the minutes when we can start packing our suitcases. And in addition to the usual, a bathing suit and Prima sticks, you must pack at least one book! 

For many, the busy pace of everyday life does not leave much time for reading, so our annual vacation is an ideal opportunity to make up for that. Reading on vacation has a special charm: it reduces stress, promotes relaxation and, of course, holds a lot of enjoyment. If you are wondering which books to pack for your next vacation, here are some Prima ideas.

The Song of Achilles, Madeleine Miller

If you are a fan of mythology and you are heading for Greece, this novel will tick all the boxes. The Song of Achilles narrates the well-known legend of the Trojan War from a fresh new perspective, from the point of view of Achilles' protégé, the hero Patroclus. With the sounds of waves, immerse yourself in this legend of honor, love and beauty that drives wars.

Alone by the Sea, Zoran Ferić

Growing up, maturing, and bittersweet adventures on the Dalmatian coast — in addition to the masterfully captured spirit of "better times", Ferić's novel also exudes with gentle melancholy. In solitude near the sea, it opens a new vision of vacationing, told from the point of view of the locals welcoming and seeing off tourists from one season to the next.

Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert's famous travel novel is one of those books that will make you both laugh and cry. Eat, Pray, Love is a reminder that we are responsible for our own happiness, and that it is never too late to "find yourself" again. As you accompany the main character to exotic destinations, you may also discover something new about yourself. 

A Man Called Ove, Frederick Buckman

This warm story about ragged cats, unexpected friendship and the skill of driving a car with a trailer is actually a true little ode to life. And not only to life, but to neighbors as well! Charming and entertaining, Buckman's story puts an old grumpy man in the center of the action, with whom we learn how much one individual can influence an entire community.

Like Water for Chocolate, Laura Esquivel

Mexico, spices and a bittersweet love story: Like Water for Chocolate is a charming blend of humor and romance, with an inspiring amount of original Mexican recipes. Written in the spirit of magical realism, Laura Esquivel's novel is a real summer pastime, but it is much more than that.