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Prima tips for a true summer refreshment

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Whether we are in the city or on the beach, when the temperatures exceed 30​​°C, we all go looking for refreshments. Even if we cannot jump into the pool right away, there are alternative ways to make the summer heat easier to bear. 

Eat spicy food

While the thought of munching on jalapenos while the asphalt melts under your feet might raise your temperature, spicy foods can actually help you cope with the extreme heat. When we eat spicy food, we usually start to sweat, and sweating is one of the primary methods the human body has of regulating its temperature — the evaporation of sweat actually cools us down. So as long as you drink enough fluids while eating spicy food, the sweat that comes from enjoying a good bowl of chili will make your body cool down faster and more effectively.

Spicy salsa dip with Prima Classic sticks


1 spring onion 

1 finely chopped garlic clove 

1 red pepper

1 chili pepper 

400 g of cherry tomatoes

1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar

1 handful of coriander


It could not be simpler — combine all the ingredients and grind them in a food processor and start dipping the Prima Classic sticks!

Eat smaller portions

Speaking of eating, it is good to know that in the summer it is smarter to eat smaller portions, several times a day, rather than one or two large meals which will make you overeat. Namely, digesting food raises the body temperature, so it will be even more difficult for us if we overload our entire digestive system. Smaller portions will make it less hot!

Wear light and cotton clothing

Dark colors absorb much more heat than light colors, so choose lighter tones for your summer wardrobe. Leave synthetics and thick materials for other seasons, try wearing pure cotton during the summer. That natural material allows the skin to breathe, and if you opt for wider, airy cuts, surfing the heat waves will be much easier.

Draw the curtains shut

Pulling down the blinds and creating a cave atmosphere may work for some people, but most of us like to let light into the room. The key is to open the windows but draw the curtains — this way you will avoid direct sunlight that heats up the space, and the air will circulate freely and cool you down. For an even better effect, open all the doors in the apartment or house to let fresh air reach every corner.

Draw the curtains shut

Drink a hot beverage

Although it seems counterproductive, drinking hot tea or eating soup can help cool you down. Yes, your body will heat up like when you eat spicy food, but increased sweating will bring you quicker relief. Although this trick only works in dry heat and will not help much in humid tropical weather. 

Now that you know how to freshen up, you no longer have a reason to be afraid of high summer temperatures!