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Spring picnic Prima ideas

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Have you ever been on a picnic before? You know – blanket on a grass, wicker basket with snacks and perfect company… For sure, this picture made your mind wonder to some location in nature!

May is ideal for picnic organization. Not to mention BBQ options or bringing some sports equipment… Let the enjoyment begin! Aside from balls, you can take a frisbee or badminton racquets with you, but don’t forget the most important thing – SPF cream.

Picnics have a certain charm, and that is spending your whole day in nature. As for location, you don’t have to think too much: any green heaven that is close to you. However, if you are in a mood for a trip, take a look at our suggestions!


Some 50 km from Belgrade, you will encounter Kosmaj, one of Serbia’s lowest mountains. That means that walking its routes should be comfortable even if you are not in shape, and picnic places are plentiful. Also, make sure to visit the famous Monument to the Fallen Soldiers of the Kosmaj Detachment. 

Trešnja Lake

Trešnja Lake is Belgrade’s hidden gem. Located 30 km from downtown Belgrade in village of Mala Ivanča, this lake is surrounded with benches, creating the perfect picnic atmosphere. During the summer, it is possible to even swim in it.

Ušće Park

If you are a city lover, then Ušće Park is a great choice for you. Since it is close to the city center, everything else is close and available too – shops, multiple public transportation lines and different possibilities for recreation.

And what about snacks? 

A picnic is not a picnic if you are not snacking while rolling out on a blanket! This reason precisely is why our suggestion is this fast to prepare, knockout taste recipe that doesn’t require plates or cutlery!


  • Thin Filo pastry for pies
  • Purple onion
  • Red paprika
  • Carrot
  • Avocado
  • Soy sauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Sesame oil
  • Prima Peanuts

How to make

Chop the onion, paprika, carrot and avocado as finely as possible into thin slices and season with previously mixed Soy sauce, Sesame oil and a spoon of Peanut butter. Take 3 Filo pastry sheets and cut each into 4 even rectangles. Put chopped and seasoned vegetables on each rectangle and crunch a couple of Prima sticks for additional crispiness. Roll the pastry, closing the end of each roll with a drop of oil. Deep fry for a few minutes, until the rolls turn golden brown on each side. 

Even though these rolls are perfectly tasty on their own, feel free to pack an additional dip for them. We wish you a nice day and a pleasant snack!